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Let's Grow Love in Every Room With Eliteearth

Let's Grow Love in Every Room With Eliteearth

Let's Grow Love in Every Room With Eliteearth

Plants are beautiful additions to the home and office spaces. They add personality to the indoor decor and aesthetically dress up areas. You could bring the beauty of these plants in every nook and corner of your house. It is like befriending nature and growing love in every room. To help you achieve this, Eliteearth has brought forth this write-up which would teach you about -

  • Design Basics
  • Different Styles for Different Personalities
  • Types of Plants for Each Room
  • Light Conditions
  • Ways You Can Create Strategic Effects


While selecting plants, do not get overwhelmed by their shapes, size, colours and containers. Remember plants are like a vintage painting that brightens up your rooms, livens up the walls and corners. Thus, it is imperative that you consider the entire room before getting in plants.

Plants with distinctly shaped flowers and foliage would create interest within a room. 

Highly contrasting plants would bring in drama and excitement to the otherwise dull surroundings. For instance, try pairing vertical Sansevieria with a mounding peperomia and see for yourself.

The Color Basics:

Plants come in an array of colours. Use their distinct hues to create a more welcoming and comforting room. Take the liberty to play with vibrant reds or soothing blues. We all are aware of the colour theory. 

  • Purple is visually enticing and attractive.
  • Yellow and pink bring in optimism. 
  • Green is soul-soothing green.
  • There is a wide range of greens with a pattern of white, gray, red, pink, silver, yellow, or purple in variegated plants.

Pairing Plants:

For indoors it is best to match foliage plants with flowering ones. The combination of both makes an indoor garden spectacular. While companion planting, choose one or two colour plants. If you wish to bring plants in one container, select varieties that need the same care.

Start with a large plant to anchor the group; let the small and trailing varieties grab the perimeter. While arranging each plant in an individual container, visualize how they will look from different corners.

You could grow succulents, coleus or orchids in small concrete planters. Small pots fit easily in corners or can be paired comfortably. Succulents in handmade concrete containers create artful accents rich in texture. They look cute if surrounded by gravel, placed on a tabletop or a windowsill where they could get ample of light. If you wish to create a window garden, go for geometric concrete planters to grow herbs and tulips in complete style.


What’s your style? Are you more of traditional, minimalist, modern, urban or casual? You could choose plants that would reflect your personality and enhance a room’s architecture. Be it pairing plants with your furniture, creating a warm entrance, a green curtain, a room divider or a living wall there are plant varieties that would help you achieve all this without compromising on your taste. 

For Casual Taste:

To display comfortable-yet-chic style choose orchids, bromeliad, or moss.

For Modern Taste: A single plant would be enough to create the desired effect. To reflect your modern taste, use a single plant as living sculpture. Go for green varieties with distinct geometric shapes. Plant possibilities could include Palm, Agave and Umbrella plant.

For Minimalist Taste: This style focuses on less clutter, essential beauty, elegance, zen-like ambience, calm, and low maintenance. Connoisseurs of minimalistic taste could select Snake plant, Aloe or Air Plants (Tillandsia).

For Regional Taste: To recreate outdoor surroundings indoors, employ native plants, wood, local stone, and well-coordinated colour palette. Succulents and Cacti would be best suited to create living art and reflect your regional taste. One could also edibles like citrus or ornamental chilli.

For Traditional Taste: Ones with traditional taste should lookout to balance formal elements with livability. Pay keen attention to bold and graceful lines. You could choose Topiary, Fern, or Peace Lily.

For Urban Taste: Go bold, go creative! Add a personal flair of bold colours, energetic patterns, and lush greenery to showcase your urban taste. Feel free to grow Coleus, Croton or edible plant varieties like wheatgrass.


Are you stuck with what to incorporate in each room? Wishing somebody could help you in interior landscaping or landscaping? Well, don't fret! Remember that as each room functions differently, they have different light conditions, and hence plants should be selected accordingly.  

Beware that plants do not add clutter or a barrier to the particular room. Let them add beauty to space.

Home office: If you work from home or have a room that gets ample light you could go for most plants. However, it's best to choose Geranium, Swedish Ivy or Orchids. Go for lightly fragrant and flowering plants.

Entrance: To create an everlasting first impression go for Ivy or Chinese evergreen. These plants enhance the usually dim doorways and make it all the more welcoming.

Kitchen: Plants in the kitchen can be easily watered. Choose Sedums, Herbs, veggies like Lettuce to create a delightful kitchen garden.

Bathroom: These are highly humid areas and would incorporate a plant near the sink, tub, or shower. You could also go for a showy plant where space allows. Orchids, Bromeliads and Ferns work best in restrooms.

Living Room: For a beautiful living room select your plants strategically. Opt for plant varieties that would gel well with furniture and accents. Dracaena, Ferns and Calathea would look stunning.


You could select plants on the basis of bright, medium and low light. 

Bright Light Plants

Plants that would survive high or bright light and could be placed near an unobstructed window facing south or southwest are:

  • Citrus
  • Croton
  • Cactus
  • Hibiscus
  • Jade
  • Orchid
  • Succulents
  • Herbs - Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Parsley, and Chives

Medium Light Plants

Plants for an east or west window that could thrive well in few hours of early-morning or late-afternoon sun are:

  • Begonia
  • English ivy
  • Ferns
  • Fig
  • Jasmine
  • Peperomia
  • Schefflera
  • Spider plant

Low Light Plants

Plants that would sustain in less light and indirect sun are:

  • Chinese evergreen
  • Sansevieria
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Dracaena
  • Parlour palm
  • Peace lily
  • Philodendron
  • Pothos

Whatever be the plant variety, you could find an ideal concrete container with drainage hole for each one at Eliteearth. Designed with finesse and fabricated with care, our planters come with a motto - “Let’s Grow Love!”


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