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Concrete Planters

There’s something seriously cool and elite about concrete planters, something that makes them a great value addition to a lot of gardens, landscapes and even indoor spaces. Visually appealing, planters from Eliteearth are crafted with additional love and care as people behind Eliteearth understand that the overarching aim, after all, is that you enjoy not only looking at these beauties, but also spend time at the space that is livened up by these uniquely handcrafted planters.

What adds a rustic charm to these concrete planters is that the roughness of concrete is in contrast with the fresh and fragile plants potted in them. Also, their versatility adds to their appeal as these planters can be placed anywhere be it your office desk, windowsill, kitchen, bathroom…lending the green kick to your space. But why are we still talking about them when we can understand the splendor they hold and add with these elite planters. (pics)

About Eliteearth - Using ordinary material for creating extraordinary products, Eliteearth builds and curates handcrafted concrete items and designs for the enrichment of home, garden and styled living.