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Who we Are

Eliteearth creates and curates consciously hand-crafted items and designs for the enrichment of home, garden and styled living.


Built out of my  passion for art, creativity, and connecting people to Indian-made products, Eliteearth planters and home décor items represent what I love — authentic, reclaimed, and handcrafted one-of a kind goods as I wholeheartedly believe in local and quality.


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An online  store with the motto “Let’s grow love”, our aim is to bring people in the vicinity of nature. We truly believe in sharing and promoting handmade creations through which  we can generate employment for the underprivileged. All the products are handcrafted and made in India.


In spite of 18 years of hustle-bustle in the corporate world and travelling all around, I did not let the zeal within me extinguish; to live the next phase of my life with my elemental love – creativity and plants and doing something extraordinary with them. Eliteearth took shape, using ordinary material “Concrete” for creating extraordinary products.


Every design we engineer, we pour our heart into them, ensuring the exquisiteness of our elite creations.